A typical day at the Imperial Auction House, with a great myriad of discounted wares to be found.

The Auction House is a feature released in the Dante's Circle Expansion Pack that allows players to buy and sell their own Armor, Accessories, Skills, and Treasures for points. The Auction House, along with the Slot Machine, is one way in which players who pay little or no money to play Imperial Warfare can enjoy the same level of Equipment and Items as those who do.

Players who wish to Auction off one of their Items need only select one from the Auction interface, pay a small fee in Gold, and set the BP (Bid Price, the price in Point Coupons at which the auction is to start) and FP (Fixed Price, the price in Point Coupons any player is allowed to pay to instantly buy the Item). To Bid on an item, you click the item, then click "Bid Price." You input a number at least 1 higher than the Bid Price. The Buy Price (AKA Fixed Price) must be 150% of the Bid Price. Successful auctions draw a 10% commission from the initial service fee to the Auction House; unsuccessful ones are required to pay a fee amounting to 5% of the service fee.

Important Tip for Price-SettingEdit

Players should sell things at 9 points, instead of 10, or 19 points, instead of 20. The reason is, even if someone pays 20 points, you still only get 18 points, and when someone pays 19 points, you also only get 18 points. Don't take points out of the system :D

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