Only a brave Hero from a roaring civilization can tell what rare trade Items are hiding in this Level 8 Collection Point.

Collection Points are locations on the World Map to which your Hero can be sent to spend some time collecting Items for trade and maybe even some Accessories. Every Collection Point has a numerical level that determines the quality of Items that may be found there; the higher the level, the better the Items.

A Player's Hero may enter a Collection Point only if that point falls within his or her Territory; this makes Worship and Teaching as important as hacking and slashing away in the Arena Battle or Lairs. For this reason, Collection Points represent an intersection among Heroes (the people who collect the Items found there), Priests (the people who enable, through the Teaching and Worship that expands civilization, the collection), and Merchants (the people who ultimately sell many of the Items collected by the Hero).

Each Collection takes one hour and may be effected only by an idle Hero. Heroes may not partake in other activities during Collection, so be sure to Collect only when important things like Neutral Area Wars or Plundering aren't happening!