The Weekly Caesar, Issue 2: Your Source for Imperial Warfare News
June 23, 2011


I. Feature Article: The Art of War vs. the Art of Diplomacy
II. This Week's Events
III. Advice from the Warhorse's Mouth
IV. Hot Item: Jade Hare Ornament
V. Weekly Trivia

+++I. Feature Article: The Art of War.

How often has this happened to you: you're happily building up your empire and leveling up your hero when all of the sudden, you've been scouted! Defamed! Or worse, plundered! How dare they!? You haven't done anything to provoke them and all of the sudden attacks appear out of nowhere!? Not cool!!!
Find out more about when to make friends and when to keep foes at

+++II. This Week's Events.

1. Imperial Warfare Mods Needed! (until June 30, 2011)
2. City Design Contest, Part II
3. New Contest on Templar! (until July 1, 2011)
Find out more about recent events at (

+++III. Advice from the Warhorse's Mouth.

"Don't ignore priests and merchants and just level heroes. All units are vital to success."
---pikachu (Ares)

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+++IV. Hot Item: Jade Hare Ornament.

Mall Price: 5 points
Jade Hare Ornaments are needed to open Moonlight Treasure Boxes and are normally given up by the Jade Hare NPC on the World Map. This unit is notoriously difficult, however, to track down, so many players choose instead to purchase Jade Hare Ornaments from the online store. The purchase can be a steal, because Moonlight Treasure Boxes, dropped in a variety of in-game locations, can contain rare and really useful Items like Cobalt Ores, Shelter Reels, Summons of Honor, Infernal Runes, and more.

+++V. Weekly Trivia.

In which modern-day country is the World Wonder Kamixin located?

Please direct your server name, IGN, and response to by 23:59 PST July 5, 2011 for your chance to enter a prize drawing for one of three Shelter Reels!

The answer to last week's trivia question: Which Civilization (Rome, Egypt, China, or Persia) starts the game with the most Metropolises on the World Map? None; they all begin with eight Metropolises. Congratulations to all who answered correctly!

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