The Weekly Caesar, Issue 1

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June 17, 2011

Hail, Imperial Warlord!

Imperial Warfare: Dante’s Circle is brimming with new functions, items, players, and community features. But, alas, not all of our players know about them. This is a problem, and we’d like to fix it.’

So we present to you The Weekly Caesar, a simple weekly rundown of recent blog posts, player comments and stories, events, hot-selling Items, and more, to help IW players become more engaged with each other and with the game. Enjoy!

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I. Feature Article: How Can You Get Rich Quick in Imperial Warfare?

Are your stingy townspeople not coughing up the cash in the Town Center? Expensive Temple Worships and high-tech military research projects breaking the bank? Find out how to milk the IW economy for as much Gold as you can in this two-part feature on the Imperial Warfare Blog! More>>

II. This Week's Events

Edit the IW Wiki for Lightning Rods and More! (until June 21, 2011) More>>

Get Ahead on Templar for Epic Equipment and Other Prizes (until July 1, 2011) More>>

IW VIP Program Officially Launched (until September 1, 2011) More>

III. Advice from the Warhorse's Mouth

"Try your luck to get a level-40 Purple Hero from the Slot Machine as quickly as possible; it's a big help!"

---AC (Templar)

"Leveling just a little bit every day pays off even more than IW-and-Hot-Pocket marathons on Saturday night (but those are helpful too)."

---Radames (Crusade)

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IV. Hot Item: Point Coupon (Mall Price: 1 point)

Required to buy Items sold in the Auction House, Point Coupons can be purchased in the Mall at a 1:1 ratio to regular points. They can be won for free with successful Auction House sales and correspondingly used in the Mall to buy anything that normal points can. Point Coupons won in Auctions are a means for players who seldom or never Top-Up to enjoy the advantages that the purchase of Mall Items can bring to Imperial Warfare.

V. Weekly Trivia

Which Civilization (Rome, Egypt, China, or Persia) starts the game with the most Metropolises on the World Map?

Please direct your responses to by 23:59 PST June 22, 2011 for your chance to enter a prize drawing for one of three Summons of Honor!’