The Weekly Caesar, Issue 10: Your Source for Imperial Warfare News August 22, 2011


I. Feature Article: It Ain't Easy Makin' Games: When MMOs Kill Windows II. This Week's Events III. Advice from the Warhorse's Mouth IV. Hot Item: Large Food Pack V. Weekly Trivia for Marching Bugle!

+++I. Feature Article: It Ain't Easy Makin' Games: When MMOs Kill Windows.Edit

After a short adventure into the world of vg music, it's time to return to some examples of just how hard but important it is for a good game to be reliable and loophole-free... Read about one of the worst bugs in MMO history at (

+++II. This Week's Events.Edit

1. Guild Domination Blitz: Win Up to 44,000 Special Units! 2. Five Circles of Hell Challenge Blast 3. Recruiting for the IW Vanguard Now! 4. 8.12-8.15: Unannounced Weekend Wonder War Time Change Challenge... just kidding. 5. Several unannounced Facebook events on the horizon... keep an eye out.

Check our recent events often on our homepage (

+++III. Advice from the Warhorse's Mouth.Edit

Awww, nobody's submitted any advice! Want to dispense useful information for IW players in future issues? Direct your suggestions to!

+++IV. Hot Item: Large Food Pack.Edit

Mall Price: 25 This super-huge bag of raw meat shanks (judging from the icon, at least) serves as a nice pick-me-up of 100,000 Food for a Warehouse emptied out by hungry builders and soldiers, especially during post-Wonder War lulls when the City may still be housing thousands of high-maintenance Special Units. While its price of 25 points is on the steep side, its contents are without a doubt vital to the success of your empire, making the Large Food Pack one of the more pragmatic purchases in Imperial Warfare.

+++V. Weekly Trivia.Edit

This week's question: What is the longest-established Guild in Imperial Warfare?

Please direct your server name, IGN, and response to by 23:59 PDT August 28, 2011 for your chance to enter a prize drawing for ONE Marching Bugle!

The answer to last week's question, "What Civilization has the Special Unit with the highest base Attack value?" is Persia on account of the War Elephant. Congratulations to all who answered correctly, and a special congratulations to Mynameiscb on Ares, who won the Battlefield HP Potion!

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