Horse Thieves, among the most dangerous and formidable enemies in Imperial Warfare.

Helping your Heroes gain experience by defeating enemies on the World Map is very similar to Grounds Hunting, except that the stakes tend to be higher and the rewards far better. A much wider variety of higher-level enemies prowls the World Map, the strongest being the tribesmen, criminals, and mammoths of the Neutral Areas.

Like the enemies targeted in Grounds Hunting, World Map enemies also drop experience upon defeat; unlike City Grounds enemies, they do not drop Resources. Human enemies like Berserkers, Gravekeepers, Grave Robbers, Rebel Armies, and others tend to be more common than in the City Grounds, and the beasts include not only small fry like wolves and boars but also the more fearsome Lionesses, Snow Leopards, Wild Elephants, and more.

For a list of the enemies found on the IW World Map, please refer to World Map Enemies.